2015 NB Game Awards (Readers Choice)

 Topic: 2015 NB Game Awards (Readers Choice)
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  Posted on November 20, 2015 03:36
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Back by popular demand. Welcome to the third consecutive year of the n-b video game awards, where myself and a few other dedicated gamers come together and decide on the very best console games released on North America in the year 2015. As usual, the winners will be decided, and the topic will be written by a committee including myself, James and Trucy, and perhaps another (more on that later).

This is not the winners topic however, this is simply to set up the readers choice voting. For the second straight year, you guys will be allowed to vote for which games YOU think were the best of their genre this year. The results for that will be posted, along with our own picks for the awards, sometime early January. You have until then to make your picks. Voting is simple. Just said me a private message through n-b with your picks, making sure it's clear your category and choice for winner. You don't have to do every category if you don't want to.

The other thing i'll make a note for is if you would like to help out with this project as a committee member, we may be looking to add another or two this year. It doesn't entail much, we mostly just have a group meeting once or twice via Skype to decide our winners, and then a writeup or two for the actual topic. Obviously if you want to you'll need to have played a fair amount of games released this year, as well as speak English fluently (though if you're reading this, you probably can lol). If you're interested shoot me a PM.

2013 awards topic
2014 awards topic

Here are the categories, as per norm. Game has to have come out in 2015 in North America.

Game of the year: - Self Explanatory
Remake of the year: A game that's not brand new, but rather a game that was remade, remastered or simply ported to a new console. Majoras Mask for 3DS is an example.
Handheld game of the year: - Best game on a handheld console (3DS, Vita)
Action/adventure of the year: - Both hack and slash based action games, and open world adventures go here.
RPG of the year: - Role playing games usually involve leveling systems, and playing a role in a story.
Shooter of the year: - Centers around prominent focus of shooting things, usually with guns. Can be first or third person.
Fighting game of the year: - Generally involves versus modes. Two sides clash until one is the victor (or a count out happens).
Platformer of the year: - Focuses on traveling from one platform to the next. Can be both side scrolling or 3D. Think Mario series.
Soundtrack of the year: - Which game had music that stood out to you?
Biggest disappointment: - Which game didn't meet your lofty expectations?
Best male character: - Strongest showing from a male character from a game released in 2015.
Best female character: - Same as above, but female.
Best villain: - Same as above, but with a villain.
Most anticipated game of 2016: - Whats the game coming out in 2016 that you're most excited for?
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