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  Posted on October 14, 2015 04:42
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Hello, NB community! I decided to create this topic to clarify a few things in regards to voting on the Naruto-Boards Custom Character Contest. This is due to some issues I've experienced in the past, and a few recent ones. Therefore, please heed to these guidelines and read them carefully.

What has been changed?
NBCCC format has been changed as a whole. Before, members would send their entries via PM. Now they post their entries on the topics. This is due to the fact that there is no point on making the entries anonymous, as one is able to easily identify its creator based on the character's characteristics. Also, this gives a chance of a direct CnC, which happens when voting. Along with this change, the voting system has changed as well.

Before, a bare comment about an entry would be considered valid. Ex.:

"Entry #1 is better, because the character has better skills, pictures and is way more balanced than entry #2".

You need to compare both entries and make sure you are saying why you have chosen Entry #1 over Entry #2. This is a valid vote:

"I pick entry #1. It has better pictures than entry 2. Entry 1 is more balanced because the first skill deals a huge damage, but it can be countered, while on entry 2, the third skill deals a huge damage as well and ignore counters. Also, entry 1 has more flow, as visible when skills 2 and 3 stack in order to increase damage dealt by skill 1, while on entry 2, there is no flow between skills."

As you can see, I have compared both entries and made it clear why I picked 1 over 2. You don't need to write a bible, all you need to do is compare the entries and make it clear why you have made your choice.

Now, please, DO NOT VOTE BASED SOLELY ON THE PICTURES. YOUR VOTE WILL BE IGNORED. You may comment on the pictures, like I did up there, but you still need to compare the skills and the entries.

I hope you all understand this. My inbox is open to any questions you may have.
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