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  Posted on August 11, 2015 12:46
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Gazing at the sunset in your eyes i was able to feel the summerset breeze on my skin/
And like a red robin that lands by your window its beauty lingered pulse after pulse head twitch after heads twitch/
The moments momentum slowed as i heard the silence between every raindrops interval/
4 drops were all it took for a glare in your eyes to remind me that the unbearing intensity werent so harsh/
And the balloons that carried out your hands were not so voluptuious/
Curves out her hand, curves in her smile, curves on that body/
Made me hit the drift which i was so in tune with snapped me out the pocket/
In that blink of an eye i couldnt recall if i had seen an angel between us/
Luckily i kept my gaze/
More winter asphalt sprung on the skin of an emperor,
And by time it was summer again my empress had been coated with butterflies/
  Posted on August 11, 2015 17:03
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